EXPOSED- China Capturing UN, WHO, World bank| How Xi & Chinese communist party conquering the world

china control over who, un, world bank group and other international organizations is increasing! How China is trying to control the UN?
china's power and corruption at united nations and world health organizations are no secret take the covid-19 and its cover up as an example! China dominates at UN by controlling several UN bodies and placing Chinese nationals at top positions! China rejects WHO probe plan on Covid originand the second phase of investigation! WHO scientist Peter Ben Embarek has revealed how China pressured the investigators in Wuhan to drop the lab leak theory! and how can we forget about the ease of doing business ranking, Did China manipulate World Bank business reports?
China Is Taking Over International Organizations, One Vote at a Time China’s decade long campaign to secure more clout at the United Nations is now helping shield Beijing from international scrutiny. The WHO also praised China for releasing the virus's genome while neglecting to mention that it took them at least 17 days to do so. It didn't report human-to-human transmission until late January—even though Chinese doctors suspected it at least a month earlier. Beijing has stepped up its contributions. Chinese officials are now securing top jobs at UN agencies. China's Deputy Health Minister Zeng Yixin said the plan "disregards common sense and defies science".World Health Organization plan for a second phase of an investigation was rejected and dismissed by china and the communist party! An external investigation shows senior former bank leaders including chief executive Kristalina Georgieva (now managing director of the International Monetary Fund or IMF) had worked with economists to upgrade China’s 2018 ranking to satisfy the members of the Chinese communist party! IMF chief boosted China's economic data when she was working at the world bank group! what about the china united nations and the human rights! China slams UN declaration accusing Beijing of human rights abuses in Xinjiang. the Xi jinxing regime forces celebrities to further spread their propaganda for example the Hong Kong or the Taiwan issue
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