Exploring the Zero Trust Security Model | CONLL110

Today's organizations need a new security model that effectively adapts to the complexity of the modern environment, embraces the mobile workforce, and protects people, devices, apps, and data where they're located. Microsoft is deeply inspired to enable people everywhere to do the important work of defending their communities and organizations in an ever-evolving threat landscape. Learn more about the concepts and principles of the Zero Trust model and how Microsoft 365 supports it.

Additional Resource:
Learn Module -- https://docs.microsoft.com/learn/modules/examine-zero-trust-approach-to-security-microsoft-365/?wt.mc_id=ignite21fall_learnlive_webpage_esc
Interactive Guide -- https://mslearn.cloudguides.com/guides/Microsoft%20Cybersecurity%20Reference%20Architectures%20(MCRA)%20-%20Zero%20Trust%20User%20Access/?wt.mc_id=ignite21fall_backpack_webpage_esc
Post-Ignite Learn Live Series -- https://docs.microsoft.com/events/post-ignite-nov-2021/learn-live/

Recommended Next Step:
Microsoft Security technical content library -- https://aka.ms/microsoftsecuritytechnicalcontentlibrary/?wt.mc_id=ignite21fall_learnlive_webpage_esc

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