Exploring the connection between Astrology and Psychology & the different expressions of moon signs

Welcome to our podcast where we explore the connection between Astrology and psychology.

In this episode we explore the traits and challenges of the 12 different moon signs.
Do you know in which sign is your moon?
You may want to find out!
The moon is the part in our Astrological chart that is responsible for our emotions and feelings, for the way we nurture ourselves and for the way we instinctively react.
Each sign has a different reactive mechanism and in this episode we discuss the different ways we can be emotionally triggered and explore ways to deal we our emotions.

My name is Galit Raiman and I am an Astrologer. I have been practicing Astrology for 40 years.
My name is Dr. Moreen Rubin and I have been working as a clinical therapist for 13 years.

Together, we are exploring the connection between Astrology and Psychology.
We believe that both disciplines have a unifying thread: understanding our potentials and challenges and moving, through self-knowledge and practice, through obstacles and into a more joyful and fulfilled life.

As we both see it, every person arrives on this planet with specific tendencies, strengths, and challenges. An understanding of our own birth charts allows us greater awareness into who we are and supports us to live into the complete fullness of our unique potential.

Galit - Astrology is a great tool to explore our greatest capabilities as well as our complex challenges. It's like reading a "user's manual". Once we get that information digested, we reach a point that we ask ourselves, "what do i do with this information?" "How do I process this, and how can I change and shift those traits that are challenging for me?". That is where Psychology comes into the picture.

Moreen- Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior. Therapy can help you process impactful life events and help you make connections between experiences you’ve had and how you show up in your life. Psychology equips you with the tools to deal with complicated emotions, thoughts and feelings that we all experience in life.
The goal of working with a therapist is to help you to describe, explain, predict, and improve your behavior. After all, your life is the result of your actions.

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You can find Dr. Moreen Rubin’s links here:
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We are all here to learn and grow. We believe that life is a beautiful experience of transformation and growth. We invite you to listen to our conversations about how Astrology meets Psychology as we explore a variety of subjects such as childhood patterns, self-worth patterns, trust issues, and more. We discuss how negative patterns may show up in your Astrological chart and how you can process and evolve those parts of yourself to upgrade your life. By unifying astrology and psychology, our intention is to help you understand your potential and challenges and move through obstacles into a more joyful and fulfilled life.
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