Exploring the Business Environment

The module on learning about the business environment explores the key external influences that impact a business environment. A business environment is a combination of internal and external factors that influences the company. There several environmental elements including apparent and immediate, of which both, have an enormous impact. However, there are other factors which are more distant and have less impact. Every company must grab any available opportunities to counter the threats facing a business environment.

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About the Course
The Foundation Certificate in People Practice follows the professional guidelines of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD). As a people professional, your role is to make certain the workforce is managed and cared for properly. Your purpose is to ensure the workforce is developed, their skills boosted, and they are provided a clear path to grow. The focus is not just on Human Resources but on skills and strategic expertise. Moreover, you will increase your own skills and strengthen your personal development.

Benefits of People Practice Level 3
The CIPD course will strengthen your understanding of Human Resources and Learning and Development in order to be a successful People Professional. Upon completing the course, you are eligible for CIPD Foundation Membership which you can continue by studying at the Associate Level.

• Acquire the skills to become a forward-thinking people professional.
• Have a career that cares for the workforce.
• Learn about external influences that impact businesses.
• Learn the best method to shortlist candidates.
• Develop skills related to your own personal development.

In-Demand CIPD Certificate
The Foundation Certificate in People Practice offers an introduction to the HR profession. You will acquire a wide range of practical skills which can be applied in the workplace. The qualification offers a broad understanding of key HR areas giving you the confidence to showcase your knowledge, increase your professional credibility, and have a positive impact on the overall business.

The Company
Global Edulink is a leading online provider for several accrediting bodies, and provides learners the opportunity to take this exclusive Foundation Certificate in People Practice awarded by CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development).  
With the ultimate goal to ensure everyone has the opportunity to learn, we strive to keep our materials cutting-edge and resources innovative. We believe education empowers through boundaries and helps transform lives. We are dedicated to making learning possible and reaching out to learners across the world. Accredited to highly recognised awarding organisations, our mission is to create a learning environment that brings about equality, prosperity, and opportunity for everyone.

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