Explore Various Types Of Management Consulting In Detail (Part 2) | CareerPedia Ep. 2

Consultants make up the backbone of any company as they suggest ways to enhance the company's growth and also fix the loopholes at the same time. This profession can further be divided into various types of consulting and management enthusiasts can pick the type based on their interests and skills.

In the 2nd Episode of CareerPedia, Charul sheds some light on various types of consulting and prominent firms in that field.

Here's what the video looks like:
0:00 Introduction
1:14 Consulting Fest By AltUni
1:34 Strategy Consulting
3:36 Operations Consulting
4:48 Financial Consulting
5:55 IT Consulting
7:23 Human Resource Consulting
8:45 Why Do Services Offered By Firms Overlap?
9:25 Social Impact Consulting

Please check Ep. 1 of CareerPedia to know about the basics of consulting, skills required, hiring process, career progression and pros and cons of being in consulting: https://youtu.be/TKqvlym9_hM

Let us know what did you learn from this video and which management field should we cover next.
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