Exploratory event towards an EARMA Post-Award Project Management Thematic Group

April 5, 2022, 2pm - 3:30pm CET

With José Luis Ferreira, Emma Leahy, Richard Twohig, José M. R. C. A. Santos and Doireann Wallace.

This event is an exploratory meeting towards an EARMA Post-Award Project Management Thematic Group, a forum for EARMA members involved in supporting projects and programs based in research-performing organisations throughout their active lifecycle.

Such a thematic group would facilitate interaction, sharing of opinions and expertise, to address a variety of topics and issues pertinent to the successful application of project management methodologies to the research and innovation domain, along with general consideration of evolving and emerging issues in operational research management. Once an active group, we intend to run regular ‘best practice’ meetings (typically shorter in format), each based around a relevant topic or issue related to post-award management, with plenty of discussion opportunities.

This first and exploratory event is meant to introduce the group, with speakers on the topic of ‘Project Management Methodology and Research’.
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