Experts in Sport: E32 - Leadership secrets that drive high performing teams

Experts in Sport podcast host Martin Foster (Applied Sport Management Lead) sits down with John Steele, Loughborough Sport’s Executive Director of Sport, to unearth leadership secrets that drive high performing teams.

Time Stamps -
00:00 – 1:35 Introduction & background information on the episode’s guests

1:36 – 3:35 Career beginning and the passion for leadership

3:36 – 6:00 “Serve to lead” - modern leadership with heart and mind

6:01 – 9:06 The difference between management and leadership

9:07 – 12:24 Culture and leadership behaviour to enhance high performance environment

12:15 – 17:39 Personal development - the process of leading through emotional connection

17:40 – 22:43 Transition from player to Director of Rugby and different styles of leadership

22:44 – 25:22 The importance of leading through others and multi-dimensional behaviour

25:23 – 29:52 Discussing what makes an excellent team and the significance of a varied recruitment of leaders

29:53 – 32:07 Advice for students and future development in the field of leadership

32:08 – 34:51 Self-reflection and significant career learning points

34:52 – 37:18 Create your personal leadership model in your style

37:19 – 38:12 Episode conclusion

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