Expert Insights: Modernizing the Enterprise Data Fabric

4th Chief Digital Officer Hong Kong Summit
28 October 2021 | Hong Kong

Expert Insights: Modernizing the Enterprise Data Fabric
To enable a truly data-driven culture, enterprises today face many critical challenges in modernizing their core Data Fabrics. Information continues to grow at an exponential rate with increasingly more varied data sources. Data Lakes can also be long and costly initiatives. While business-as-usual forces the need to provision Data in silos, posing challenges in formulating enterprise-360 solutions.
In this session, TIBCO will share:
- How Data Virtualization establishes a non-disruptive, fast time-to-market, extensible Data Integration infrastructure
- How Master Data Management enables the Enterprise anything-360 views, from design-time to run-time.
- How Data Catalog helps promote data awareness, quality, and re-use
- How TIBCO Unify solution, combining the above, can implement a centralized Data Governance platform.

Vu Le Phan, Director, Solution Consultant and Professional Services Group, Greater China and Vietnam, TIBCO
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