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CPPS has put together our panel of Threat Management Experts to answer our most commonly asked questions when it comes to Threat Assessment/Threat Management. Senior Advisor, Dave Benson; CEO, Randy Spivey; VP of Security Solutions, Jake Benson will all be available for a live Q&A
February 9, 2022 at 11:00 AM PST
Anyone tasked with the responsibility of developing or managing your organization's Workplace Violence Prevention program.

Who We Are:
At the Center for Personal Protection and Safety (CPPS) we exist to help you protect what matters most: your people. Our passion to keep people safe started with our founders, who formed CPPS with the goal of empowering individuals to become stakeholders in their own safety and security. We do this by converting complex safety and security problems into simple training solutions. Helping you keep your people safe isn’t just another job for us, it’s an opportunity to make a difference, so we treat it as such. Our passion is great because our purpose is great.

What We Do:
We exist to help you protect what matters most: Your people. Whether it’s a workplace, a school, a healthcare facility, a place of worship or while traveling abroad, we have solutions to help you keep your people protected. CPPS provides safety training solutions in just about any format: in-person, online, video, or eLearning. Our specialty is taking our workplace safety training courses and tailoring them to fit your organization. Whether it’s adjusting the content itself, changing the look and feel, or both. Watch this short video to learn more about how we can tailor eLearning training to fit your organization.

Safe Workplace Certification:
Earn the Safe Workplace Certification by working with CPPS to implement and maintain a successful workplace violence prevention and response program. There’s no added cost to become certified, only the cost to implement and maintain a program that’s consistent with ASIS and OSHA.

Our approach breaks down a comprehensive violence prevention program into five easy to follow tiers. You can choose to work one tier at a time or all of them at once. Once you’ve implemented all five tiers, CPPS will award you with the Safe Workplace Certification which can be renewed annually by maintaining a healthy violence prevention and response program.

Learn more about the Safe Workplace Certification:

Many Active Assailant Programs Have Gaps, Here is One That We Often See:

Watch more to learn about CPPS:
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Tiered Approach:

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