EVERGRANDE. 10 Major Causes for Concern. Asset Loss, Ownership, Management, Communication, Banks etc

10 Major Causes for Concern. We have been closely following the problems at EVERGRANDE, which is now on the brink of BANKRUPTCY. There are A LOT of issues and developments that has arisen that are NOT USUAL BUSINESS PRACTICE and these raise ALARM BELLS for investors.

In this video I provide you with a list of the TOP 10 CAUSES FOR CONCERN WHEN INVESTING IN CHINA. These risk may not all apply to every situation but the rules are very clearly different in China to the rest of the world. The purpose of this video is to make all investors aware of the potential risks when investing in Chinese businesses.

For specific details please check out the CHAPTER list below.

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0:00 Intro
2:19 Ownership Structure
5:00 Data Protection
7:04 Management
8:45 Communication
11:22 Business Ethos
13:11 Assets
14:41 Banks
17:23 Accounting Practices
19:28 The Chinese Government
21:01 Golden Shares
22:30 Summary & Conclusion
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