Eric von Hippel | The Importance of Lead User Innovations—& How to Find & Use Them | Talks at Google

Economist Eric von Hippel discusses the importance of understanding user innovation as we think about building more responsible systems, opening up corporate systems to give space for users to innovate further, and how free innovation allows for better, more appropriate technologies to be built.

Eric von Hippel is the T Wilson Professor of Innovation Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management. A graduate of Harvard College (BA), MIT (MS), and Carnegie Mellon University (PhD, he is known for his research on topics related to lead user innovation, and open democratized innovation. von Hippel is the recipient of four honorary doctorates, and numerous honors and academic prizes, such as the Humboldt Foundation Research Prize (2013), the EU “Innovation Luminary” Award (2015), and the Portuguese National Medal of Science (2020). All his books and most of his articles are available for free on the web under Creative Commons licenses.

Moderated by Rida Qadri.
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