Episode 7: Maurice Philogene on Real Estate Investing, Time Freedom, and Lifestyle by Design

Many of us strive to replace our W2 income with income from real estate. Our guest today is
someone who has succeeded in doing so. Looking at his credentials, it appears that Maurice
Philogene has lived multiple lifetimes in one. From his endeavors as a senior executive, real
estate investor and entrepreneur, restaurant owner, explorer of 100 countries, and public
servant (federal agent and police officer), to philanthropist, and lifestyle design and wealth
coach, Maurice truly has seen it all! Currently, he is a proud Founding Managing Partner at
Quattro Capital, and he joins us in this episode to share his journey and the philosophies that
got him to where he is today. Maurice is somebody who knows precisely where his priorities lie,
and he fills us in on his passion for living life right by leveraging the freedom principles: financial
freedom, time freedom, freedom of purpose, and freedom of relationships. We discover how he
has used real estate and his professional careers to generate passive income and build a
legacy, while empowering communities and helping others live their best lives through lifestyle
design. In this episode, we hear Maurice’s stance on time management and how to create time,
as well as some practical advice on how to steadily work towards replacing your W2 income
with real estate income! Maurice stands by the philosophy that life is not about money, and we
find out how it was the desire for a challenge that prompted him to jump from single family to
multifamily investing. Tune in for a truly inspiring discussion and prepare to have your mindset
challenged as you discover that you are in control of your own destiny; it might not be time that
you lack, but commitment!

• Maurice Philogene’s background, what he does, and the principles he lives by.
• The value of passive income in Maurice’s life.
• What he gained from his time in the military and how it changed him.
• How the notion of freedom inspired Maurice to build personal wealth.
• How he found himself in the realm of real estate and how he ensured his success.
• The challenges he faced juggling his work, properties, and family life.
• How Maurice’s desire for a new challenge led him from single family to multifamily investing.
• The philosophy behind his company, Quattro Capital, and the work they’ve done thus far.
• What syndication is and the benefits thereof.
• How Quattro Capital’s partnerships were formed and why they work so well as a team.
• Maurice shares his way of giving back and his philanthropic plans and actions.
• The importance of purpose!
• Maurice’s view on mentorship in the real estate sphere and what his mentor helped him with.
• Maurice’s stance on time management and how he learned to create time.
• Practical advice for those who wish to replace their W2 income with income from real estate.

00:00:00 Introduction
00:06:44 The source of inspiration for building personal wealth
00:09:37 The mindset shift to scale up to multi-family space
00:12:39 Key things to look for when partnering and networking
00:15:49 Philanthropy work and helping others
00:18:27 Thoughts on the importance of mentorship
00:20:42 Responsibilities and time management tips
00:24:27 Advice for those who want a career change and into real estate
00:27:08 Key books that change your outlook in life
00:29:53 Goals for 2022
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