Episode 5: Data Managers: Driving the Future of Clinical Research

Host: Richard Young, VP, Strategy, Veeva Vault CDMS
Guest: Mayank Anand, VP and Global Head of Data Strategy and Management, GSK

In this week’s conversation, Richard Young and Mayank Anand, global head of data strategy and management at GSK and Chair of SCDM, discuss how clinical data professionals’ roles are evolving in a world of decentralized data. It’s a great time to be a clinical data professional, they agree, as a once invisible role moves front and center to optimize trial protocols, operations, and results, and speed patient access to better treatments. SCDM offers professionals a global voice and a forum for discussion and debate, and Mayank summarizes the organization’s key goals. Both Richard and Mayank share insights into understanding end user and patient needs; balancing the needs of different stakeholders; and solving a Rubik’s cube of challenges that involve people, processes, and technology. Mayank also shows how new perspectives are driving a more inclusive strategy and collaborative mindset that is already improving patient focus and business results at GSK and within the industry.

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