Episode 37 - Dudu Msomi #WisdomPersonified, conversations with Dudu Msomi

Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to work for myself, either on my own or by creating a business with like- minded individuals that will attract more people that want to do great things and push the boundaries. Entrepreneurs are said to have certain qualities that hold them in good stead to succeed and some have become clichés such as having a vision, persistence, being innovative, creative, hard- working and so forth. But despite having those qualities, there will be many tough times, whether you are running a start-up or an established company, where as a business owner and leader you begin to doubt yourself, your capabilities and the need for your services and products regardless of the market research you have done. The people you had hoped and thought would be your biggest supporters and 'marketers' will not necessarily be. You will come to truly appreciate the kindness of strangers. There is an observation that is widely shared in the world that during hard times, you will know for sure who your friends are.

For this episode, I would like to share just three Wisdoms I have learnt about being an entrepreneur.

The lessons I will share here are more relevant for the start-up business. Though I must say, after 12 years in business and encountering business along the way who have been around longer than mine, getting back to the basics may not be a bad idea.

I hope you will find some useful nuggets to reflect upon or incorporate into your journey as an entrepreneur or to understand those who are entrepreneurs better.


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