Episode 32 - Level Up your Project and Change Management - Focus on the art of Portfolio Management.

APMG International presents our popular weekly panel Q&A show. Level Up your Project and Change Management with the host: Nick Houlton and Question Master: Suchitra Jacob. Answering your questions are panellists: Mart Rovers, Jeroen Geurtsen, Rajiv Khanna, Holger Heuss and Nick Dobson.
An opportunity to have your real-life questions answered, driving the panel discussion before moving on to the focus topic on the art of Portfolio Management by Rajiv Khanna.

On this week's episode, we are joined by:
Host: Nick Houlton, APMG-International
Question Master: Suchitra Jacob APMG-International
Mart Rovers, Leadership, Coach, Consultant, Trainer and President at INTERPROM
Jeroen Geurtsen, Director, Zest Academy
Rajiv Khanna, Director and Lead Trainer, Raj Khanna Associates Ltd
Holger Heuss, Director, Pendraig Consulting Ltd
Nick Dobson, Principal Consultant, CITI Limited

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00:00:00 - Introduction
00:00:36 - Meet the Panellists
00:04:51 - Some of our business managers are resistant to de-prioritising their "Pet Projects", even when they are not demonstrating any value to the business. Is there a good way to help with this?
00:09:00 - Why does the difference between programme portfolios and corporate portfolios matter? Surely, they are both collections of projects and so have the same concerns?
00:13:13 - I am a certified project manager and would like to improve my change Management skills. Please help me with how to do the course. What are the benefits of the APMG Change Management course?
00:16:12 - I have 3 years of experience as a professional, how can I improve my management skills?
00:21:20 - What would be your view on a new Programme Management Office? In your experience what are the core foundational tenets which prop up the PMO and allow it to begin seeing efficiencies of practice?
00:25:50 - How can we improve collaboration between project managers and project teams? Is there a preferred framework?
00:27:06 - Focus Topic - Portfolio Management
00:35:06 - I'd be keen to hear the panel's experience, insights and advice on identifying and managing constrained resources (those that limit portfolio delivery) and specifically - has anyone any experience of applying Critical Chain theory at the portfolio level?
00:40:00 - What should the top three considerations for a portfolio manager be in constituting the portfolio?
00:46:00 - If the corporate portfolio includes all projects and programmes how do we manage it in large complex organisations with hundreds if not thousands of projects and programmes?
00:51:57 - What is the relationship between projects, programs and portfolios?
00:56:19 - Panellists Closing thoughts
01:00:59 - Next Level Up show.
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