Episode 21 - Level Up your Career - Focus on Communication, Collaboration and Facilitation

APMG International presents our popular weekly panel Q&A show. This episode, Level Up your Career with the Host: Nick Houlton and Question Master: Ellie Bowett. Building your career is a multi-faceted task; mastering new skills in change management, collaboration, communication, facilitation, problem solving and of course increasing our domain knowledge through training and on-the-job experience all take time. Answering your questions are panelists: Rod Willis, Ranjit Sidhu, Tina Hesse, Ron Leeman and Elke Sanz. An opportunity to have your real-life questions answered, driving the panel discussion before moving on the focus topic: Communication, Collaboration and Facilitation.

Host: Nick Houlton, APMG International
Question Master: Ellie Bowett, APMG International

Rod Willis, Director and Co-Founder Assentire Ltd
Ranjit Sidhu, Lead Trainer and Consultant ChangeQuest Ltd
Tina Hesse, Children and Young Peoples Mental Health Support Service Manager, Mind Jersey
Ron Leeman, Founder and Owner The Highway of Change
Elke Sanz, Change Practitioner 3E: Engage, Enthuse, Empower Ltd

00:00 - Introduction
00:52 - Meet the Panelists
04:42 - Is it important l make time for ad-hoc conversations with colleagues when trying to manage a busy appointment schedule?
08:32 - Sometimes bad news needs to be given. Should we wait longer and do this face to face or is it better to tell people faster online instead?
14:02 - Is a Facilitator just the same as a Change Manger?
16:55 - How do I make online meetings more collaborative? Most people seem to switch off during an online meeting.
22:21 - How do you get noticed when you have to work at home, especially if you are just getting started in an industry?
24:44 - Can you give examples of how to best deal with a confrontation with a co-worker?
28:14 - How does the panel feel the COVID crisis has impacted the change management profession?
31:09 - How do you effectively collaborate and communicate while ensuring people's accountability? Any tips you can give?
35:05 - How do you ensure communication is a two-way exchange, and not just top-down information sharing? What can be done so that people feel respected and heard?
40:08 - Can Collaboration still happen when the organisational culture is toxic?
46:49 - How would you explain the benefits of having Change Management certified staff within your organisation?
49:36 - What advice could you give for building the teams of people working together online?
53:51 - Team management in meetings
57:13 - Closing thoughts
59:45 - The next APMG Level Up episode

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