Episode 20 - Level Up Your Career - Focus on improving your CV.

APMG International presents our popular weekly panel Q&A show. Level Up your Project and Change Management with the host: Nick Houlton and Question Master: Charlotte Miller. Answering your questions are panelists: Nyananso Ekanem, Louisa Leung, James Kinch, Gary Gamp and Jackie Hewett.
An opportunity to have your real-life questions answered, driving the panel discussion before moving on the focus topic: Improving your CV by Gary Gamp.

Host: Nick Houlton, APMG International
Question Master: Charlotte Miller, APMG International
Nyananso Ekanem, Managing Consultant Weircapacity
Louisa Leung, Managing Partner Lifting Lanterns
James Kinch, Country Manager TrainingByeSize
Gary Gamp, Senior Partner Positive Momentum
Jackie Hewett, Operations Director Balance Global

00:00 - Introduction
00:32 - Meet the Panellists
04:02 - Certification vs. Degree: What's the Difference/benefits and what should I go for?
07:07 – How can I get into project management?
09:55 – What is one thing I can do today to help me progress my career?
14:20 – What are your career aspirations and how will you get there? What are those on the panel currently working on?
16:20 – I am contemplating a career change. What is the best advice you can give me before I take this step?
19:03 - How can I know if a career in project management would suit me?
19:37 - What is the worst career decision you have made? Why was it a bad decision?
22:32 - What's the future for project management, where should I be investing in my training?
24:27 - How are APMG certifications perceived in the marketplace?
28:32 - What interview tips can you give me for my next job?
32:03 - Focus Topic - Improving your CV
44:40 – What should I do about employment gaps?
46:44 - Do you think that creating a word document CV is becoming outdated in business? Do you think a focus on a digital CV, or a strong LinkedIn profile is better in a digital world?
47:38 - What is the most important information recruiters want to see in a CV?
50:52 - Should I include a link to my LinkedIn profile on my CV?
52:52 - At what point is Referees needed on the CV because most recruiters do not ask for referees at the initial stage?
55:27 - Panellists closing thoughts
58:26 – Next Level Up Show

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