Episode 18: John Veon - PHD Student - Graduate Group In Ecology - UC Davis

Episode 18 of the MVP podcast features an interview with John Veon, a PHD student in Graduate Group Ecology at UC Davis. During the episode, John discusses his passion for wildlife research and the importance of preserving and protecting nature.

The conversation also touches on modern environmental problems, such as the recent East Palestine Train Derailment, and the role that science and research can play in addressing these challenges.

Towards the end of the episode, the hosts and John engage in a fun and thought-provoking game called "How Deep Will You Go?". This card game involves pulling random cards with deep questions on them, and answering them honestly and introspectively.

Overall, Episode 18 of the MVP podcast offers an engaging and informative discussion on the topics of wildlife research, environmental issues, and personal introspection.
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