Episode 15 - Level Up your Project and Change Management

APMG International presents our popular Level Up panel Q&A show. This episode we revisit the popular topic, Level Up your Project and Change Management with the Host: Nick Houlton and Question Master: Charlotte Miller. Panelists; Martyn Kinch, Rayy Babalola, Patrick von Schlag, Zakiyya Cassimjee and Sunil Mehta. An opportunity to have your real-life questions answered, driving the panel discussion before moving onto the focus topic: Interview Questions with Nick Houlton.

Host: Nick Houlton
Question Master: Charlotte Miller

Martyn Kinch – Director, Training Byte Size Ltd
Rayy Babalola – Founder & Lead Trainer, The Agile Squad
Patrick von Schlag – President, Deep Creek Center
Zakiyya Cassimjee – Chief Information Officer, Astute – The Financial Services Exchange
Sunil Mehta – Managing Director, Quint Consulting Services

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:00:48 – Meet the panelists
00:04:21 – What is the function of a PMO?
00:07:45 – How do you best handle team conflicts? Is there a standard method that is recommended?
00:11:35 – What is the best way to handle scope creep?
00:13:53 – What are the best indicators that a project is off-track and how do you get it back on track again?
00:17:29 – How can Project Management help a person who is in IT Governance role?
00:19:18 – Recommended interview questions when hiring change professionals
00:21:33 – Is it OK to have Project Management education from APMG or must it be from PMP/PMI?
00:24:54 – At which stage would you involve the change manager?
00:26:05 – What PM skills should I be focussing on for my future career? What does the future of Project Management look like?
00:29:06 – Focus Topic: Interview Questions
00:39:40 – I went for an interview last week for a PM job and the interviewer asked me if I had ever had a project that didn’t meet the deadline or budget. I was unsure how to answer as I felt that if I answered yes, this would count negatively on my application.
00:42:44 – Transitioning from Project Manager to Senior Business Change Manager. Do you have any tips on how I should approach my interview?
00:46:10 – How would I demonstrate transferable project management skills at interview when going from a client to an external consultant role?
00:50:04 – How do I handle the question about my weaknesses?
00:50:51 – How would you bring people on a change journey when their roles are disappearing? How do you keep motivation at a high level for others who will not be affected by the change to the same extent?
00:53:08 – I am starting out in project management and have an interview next week. I am nervous and not sure what to expect, can you give me some advice?
00:55:46 – Final thoughts
01:00:23 – The next APMG Level Up episode.

Thank you for watching this episode of Level Up.
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