Episode 13: Maria Knapp - Supply Chains and Compliance

"This compelling new episode of the BIS podcast features a discussion between Cindy Moehring and Control Risks Partner Maria Knapp. Tune in to listen as Cindy and Maria chat about Control Risks' assistance in ensuring ESG compliance, how companies assess their supply chains, and the importance of businesses recognizing the impact they have on their communities.

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Links from episode:

SASB Training Webinars: http://info.valuereportingfoundation.org/implementation_primer_webinars

Financial Times, Moral Money: https://www.ft.com/moral-money

Re:Co ESG Podcast: https://re.co.com/futureinsound

Control Risks's Legal and Compliance Insights: https://www.controlrisks.com/our-thinking/podcasts/legal-and-compliance-insights"
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