Episode 112 - Don & Derek: Managing Training Over Your Lifespan

In Episode 112, Don and Derek discuss finding the ‘sweet spot’ in their training as they age. In the case of running, one of the biggest challenges is to find an intensity and volume of running that creates significant health and fitness benefits without placing an individual at risk for overtraining or injury. While the younger versions of yourself may have been able to withstand any type of workout that you would undertake, the ageing adult must exercise a little more control and discretion over their workouts to maximize their health and ensure longevity. Don and Derek share their strategies for incorporating workouts that give them the best bang for their buck, without setting them up for exhaustion, injury or a poor metabolic response. In many cases, the addition of appropriate recovery measures may be required for older adults to make sure you are fully rested before heading into the next workout. Making good decisions on training is absolutely necessary for everyone, but plays a bigger role for ageing adults.

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