Episode 108 Dave Sheahan: Educate, Motivate & Inspire, The Motto To Make A Difference Out There.

Greetings Fellow Leaders With A Heart, in this episode I am talking with Dave from Ireland. We connected about 3 weeks ago and finally found the time to connect on the podcast. He has an inspiring story and an even more inspiring mission. Just like me, he is a massive football fan, he is a life long Liverpool fan and it was a pleasure talking a bit about the Beautiful Game with him.

Dave is a high performance consultant, a world class triathlete, author and his tag line is "Educate, Motivate and Inspire. Dave is all about the heart, and when he started talking, I felt like we were twins because he mentions things that I always talk about on my podcast and with people: doing good around us, inspiring others, no matter how small that might be, it can make someone's day, week or even be life changing, the power of doing good is phenomenal and truly contagious.

Growing up, his dream was to become a footballer or a football coach, very similar to what my dream was a young boy. So it was a joy to chat about the Beautiful Game with him for a few minutes, our favourite team, Liverpool for him, AC Milan for me and of course, that unforgettable final in 2005 in Istanbul. Wonderful for him as Liverpool fan, a nightmare for me as Milan fan.

He genuinely focuses on service that he hasn't had a need to do any marketing. All the business he has been getting, have been through word of mouth and referrals from his previous clients who have had great experience dealing with him and having wonderful results.

His personal Super Power are self love and self awareness because when you are self aware, you become very conscious of what you're doing, why you're doing it, you become very intuitive, in touch with your gut feeling and your intuition ultimately, you become very authentic.

He started working out as a teen and that was a turning point in his life as that in a way, changed and saved his life. Because of the impact it had had on his life, that instilled in him the drive and desire to have an impact on other people. Later on, when he got a big offer by an investment firm in banking but he turned it down to work in a gym. because he was determined to do what he was passionate about. It was of course not an easy to do as everyone thought he was crazy turning that offer down but he stuck with it as for him, it's not about the money but about doing what you love. His reasoning was "I want to live a life that fulfills me and I'm passionate about." This is what he has been doing ever since and fulfillment has been a big thing for him.This was one of the most pivotal moments of his life, early on.

His business is working with mindset, psychology and human behaviour and do that with clients around the world and making a positive impact in the lives of his clients. If that was not enough, he is also a triathlete and is planning on running for office in the Irish Presidential elections in the near future. So much to cover, we could have easily done 2 if not 3 episodes talking about all of these. I'll definitely have to bring Dave back to cover these and to catch up in the future. But suffice to say that this has been a very enjoyable episode as he has a beautiful vision and a huge heart, a true Leader With A Heart.

Best way to connect with Dave:
His website: http://davesheahanhighperformance.com/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/DaveSheahanPage
His Podcast: The Mind, Body, Health Podcast.


0:00 Intro.
0:49 Who's Dave?
3:29 What Makes You Come Alive?
5:27 The Importance Of Impact & Making A Difference In Someone's Life.
9:25 Tips On Reducing The Effect Of Negative People Around Us.
12:32 What Makes You Sad & Angry?
15:40 Doing Good With Our Businesses.
21:45 His Personal Super Power.
24:15 As A Kid, What Did You Want To Become Growing Up? Footballer.
28:12 Football As Our Passion For Both Of Us.
31:23 Talking About Unforgettable Final in 2005 in Istanbul. Wonderful For Him As A Liverpool Fan, Not So Much For Me As A Milan Fan.
36:14 His Favourite Subject In School.
37:19 His First Job.
37:42 His First Business.
40:10 How Did You Manage To Over The Criticism Of People After Turning Down That Lucrative Job Offer In Banking?
42:20 Did You Have Any 2nd Thought After That About Whether You'd Made The Right Decision?
43:02 His Business.
46:11 More Football Talk.
49:09 His Ideal Client Avatar.
52:05 An Example Of Most Inspirational Transformation From One Of Your Clients So Far.
55:55 Cause He's Most Passionate About.
01:00:28 Him Possibly Running For Office In The Irish Presidential Elections.
1:03:57 Best Advice Received So Far.
1:04:14 Worst Advice Received So Far.
1:04:48 Number 1 Advice You'd Give To Your 18 Year Old Self.
1:06:04 First Question You'd Ask Yourself If You Were To Interview Yourself.
1:06:32 Smallest Thing You've Done That Has Had The Biggest Impact So Far.
1:08:53 Any Tips For Me To Improve My Podcast?
1:11:00 Best Way To Connect With Dave.
1:11:58 Outro.
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