EP48 - The 10 Most Important People in Video Games Right Now - Kit & Krysta Podcast

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Hello and welcome to episode 48 of the Kit & Krysta Podcast. This week we'll be discussing who we think are the 10 most important people in the gaming industry right now. We love this topic because it's endlessly debatable and our list might be very different than yours. Also in this episode, we share a story about a blizzard that almost trapped one of us during a Nintendo press tour. We also talk about the games we're playing, talk about some recent news from CES and answer questions from our wonderful Patreon subscribers. All of this is coming up right now!

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13:58 - 10 most important people in video games
50:05 - Nintendo Storytime - Trapped in a blizzard!
1:02:53 - Games we are playing
1:22:02 - News news news
1:30:48 - Questions from our Patreon subscribers

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