EP40 - Currency Trends and Institutional-grade Macro Risk Management -with Darius Dale

In this episode, Saka talks to Darius Dale about currency trends in the world right now, along with his expert advice on institutional-grade macro risk management frameworks and processes.

Darius is the Founder & CEO of 42 Macro, an investment research firm that aims to disrupt the financial services industry. Prior to founding 42 Macro, Darius was a Managing Director and Partner at Hedgeye Risk Management, an independent investment research firm based in Stamford, CT.

Darius spent his entire childhood in and out of homeless shelters with a first-hand view of drug addiction. His humble beginnings have led him to develop a passion for social service that continues to this day as a founding member of Hedgeye Cares, as a junior board member of Domus Kids, and as co-chair of Yale Football’s 4 for 40 mentorship program.

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