Who can you believe on the internet? What are their credentials and how did they acquire the knowledge you are basing life decisions on? In this episode I tell my story and how the CARB ADDICTION CONCEPT evolved from 3 directions. As you listen to this story you will have greater insight into the evidence of carbohydrates as toxic chemicals we eat and drink and how this affects our mental health.

Research Discussed...
Dr Cywes PhD Thesis on platelets, inflammation and glucose damage to the liver….This is my story and will help you understand yours.
Ask and answer the right questions to optimize your health! Whether you agree or disagree with our content, if we’ve made you think and ask questions, we’ve done our job. Leave comments below.

Ask and answer the right questions to optimize your health! Whether you agree or disagree with our content, if we’ve made you think and ask questions, we’ve done our job. Leave comments below.

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ROBERT CYWES M.D., PhD is a clinically practicing doctor and surgeon in Florida and Idaho. The mission of our media content is educating the public about a CARBOHYDRATE ADDICTION approach to treating obesity, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Understanding the importance of replacing carbs in your diet with REAL FOOD while simultaneously replacing carbs as a toxic, harmful response to emotional tension with a more effective diverse healthy set of emotion management tools for lifelong sustainability of mental and physical health, happiness and well-being. Converting people from toxic sugar burners to healthy fat (keto) burners while addressing the CAUSE of addiction to carbs from an emotion management perspective. Sometimes using obesity surgery and devices as tools along the way, and helping people who have had bariatric surgery stay healthy and not relapse

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