Ep. #65': A New Governance for New Space - New Actors, New Scenarios

Ep. #65': A New Governance for New Space - New Actors, New Scenarios

Outer space is undergoing a profound transformation brought about by a changing geopolitical context, the technological revolution and threats hitherto unknown to mankind. In this scenario, new actors (start-ups) are appearing alongside the traditional ones (states).

Roles have evolved, space is beginning to be commercialised and private activity is on the rise. Faced with new circumstances and new challenges, space needs a new governance model, which is exactly what we are going to address in this episode, without losing sight of the need to approach this whole process on the basis of ethics and sustainability.

The future lies in a model that integrates interests while respecting the identity of States, managing with those that are active in space and ensuring that the benefits of exploration and exploitation can reach all of humanity.

Three questions arise:
1️⃣ Do these entities have to evolve to a format that allows the private sector to enter❓
2️⃣ How will COPUOS deal with the new space phenomenon❓
3️⃣ Will a high authority be created to manage the exploration and use of the Moon❓

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