Ep. 48 | The Danny Brown Show

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This week Danny updates us on what's going on with the rap side of his life. Then he goes on to clear the air about his take on the washcloth debacle. Overall, it comes back to people who stay at La Quinta. Danny talks about his journey toward getting sober and where he thinks it stems from. For this week's Ask Danny he talks about lap dances, codeword ninja, strict girlfriends, and 9/11. It's not The Danny Brown Show without some hilarious topics for White People Sh*t and The Wheel.

You got a question or freestyle you want to send Danny's way? Hit him up at [email protected] or leave him a voicemail at (512)522-9256

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YouTube Chapters
00:00:00 - Intro
00:01:06 - Rap
00:03:26 - Washcloths & La Quinta
00:08:32 - Getting Sober
00:15:04 - Danny's Parents
00:24:18 - Ask Danny: Lap Dances & Ninja
00:31:26 - Ask Danny: Strict Girlfriends & 9/11
00:38:03 - White People Sh*t
00:44:28 - Spin the Wheel
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