Ep 237: TACP Functional Managers UPDATES on TACP Career Field!

The Tactical Air Control Party, or TACP and TACPO, career fields will be undergoing changes, as announced by the United States Air Force. This news has sparked rumors, cynicism, and even panic among some. However, here on the Ones Ready channel, we seek to provide accurate information straight from the source.

We've invited the Air Combat Command (ACC) Majcom Functional Managers to shed light on the situation and what it means for those in the field. Despite any negative speculation, there are actually more positives than negatives to look forward to.

We extend a huge thank you to JB and Dom for joining us and delivering the facts. The bottom line? Keep training hard and stay in the game.

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00:00 Intro- Peaches owes a set, that's the bottom line cause Peaches said so
01:30 TACP cuts
08:00 Guard impacts
10:04 Army Thoughts
13:11 Future of TACP/TACP-O - Capabilities-based Unit Task Codes
18:15 Air to Ground liaison UTC/Priority
23:30 TACP Strike capability/ISET Teams
28:00 Why TACP?
32:00 Self Starters and Mission Type Orders- what do candidates look like?
36:10 King for a day
41:43 MFM Messaging
45:30 Advice to Recruits
47:04 Advice to Officer Candidates
49:22 TACPs inside Guardian Angel Units and Agile Control and Integration Team

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