Ep 13 Information Management and Data Governance | Buffalo State Data Talk Podcast

In this episode Angela Horton Director of Data Quality and Accuracy at a large Health Care Organization walks through the data life cycle and shares information about the importance of data quality and data governance. Listen to this episode to learn how Angela got where she is and how data is used at the health care organization she works for.  

0:00 Intro  
0:42 What Angela does as Director of Data Quality and Accuracy at a large Health Care Organization 
3:42 The data and what they do with it 
7:18 Careers through the data life cycle 
10:10 Resources for professional development 
11:28 Data Governance 
15:54 Angela’s background and career path 
20:39 Angela’s advice for people who want to be a data scientist 
23:22 Outro 

- https://www.udemy.com/
- Guy in a cube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFp1vaKzpfvoGai0vE5VJ0w 
- Get Governed by Morgan Templar
- Non-Invasive Data Governance by Robert Seiner

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