EON-XR User Webinar November 2022 - EON Interact

EON Interact - Interaction Creation with Code-free "Touch and Go" AI Support

In this webinar, we will showcase how EON Interact can be used for various domains such as Healthcare, Aviation, Oil and Gas and even for soft skills training.
EON Interact offers a new layer content interactions to EON-XR Platform. While you can currently interact with objects in a number of basic ways, EON Interact brings a level of detail and complexity to them that has never before existed.
We can create new triggers and conditions to multiple 3D objects within each experience that can react in different ways to different triggers. Whether that’s rotating to a certain angle or taking a specific action, the reaction will always be customizable by the creator.With EON Interact, creators can change the object to “unlock” the next step only after the previous one has been completed — or even change other aspects of it entirely depending on which actions are taken when.
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