Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) Investing with James Harwood

In this week’s video. We are going to tackle Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) Investing with James Harwood. Specific lenses on this topic are such a big area. It's a third of global assets under management and now under an Environmental, social, governance mandate. The investing world ESG you know environmental socially aware government type investing your bread and butter tell us a bit about where you sit in that space what's your gig what do you do. Russell, the guest speaker has a lot of investments and he is managing several equity funds in the ESG space. He started his foreign investing last five to six years and has also been running several global low carbon funds so, low carbon investments in the global equity space, and that's been another really big thing that we've seen develop over the last few years so to give you a bit of a quantum to work on what sort of assets under management have you got your paws on these days.

What's a significant part of the business that is often is that the revenue threshold is 10 percent? Basically, out of fossil fuels this time next year new capital structure and it'll be the biggest stock in our index again because all of the United Kingdom listings is coming back to Australia. That's going to be a really interesting play for 2022.

This conversation quite a lot with financial advisors and think the first thing to understand for any investor you know whether you're a financial advisor or an individual is you know what are your values and you know what you want out of your investments often point individuals to the rear website so this is the responsible investment.

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