Entrepreneurship/Entrepreneurial Studies Lec 13

What is an MBA degree? More importantly, what exactly do you learn in an MBA program, and why do employers seek out MBA graduates?
Contrary to popular belief, an MBA is beneficial not only to those with or seeking a management role but also to those striving for financial freedom since the skills learned are invaluable.
It will develop your management skills, prepare you to be business-thinker oriented, and make you open to life challenges. MBA classes will assist you in developing the talents necessary to achieve corporate success and lead a better life.
An MBA degree will provide you with many advantages in your financial and business life. Getting a high salary after graduation, landing a management position, developing a solid professional network, or becoming a business owner are some of the benefits of studying for an MBA degree.
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This course prepares students to perform development, selling, and management functions related to owning and operating a business. It will also offer students a start in learning about what they will own and operate an undefeated business. Students can explore making a company arrange, funding a business,
and valuation product and services. Entrepreneurship is an interdisciplinary course designed to teach students how to think and act entrepreneurially. Students find out how to start up and operate a business, hence turning their learning into earning. The course will rely on cross-curricular tutorial skills by integrating inquiry-based learning and business tools to enable students to analyze, create, develop, and pilot small businesses in a safe campus environment.
Those who manage and operate small businesses can bring their product on to the buyer via the native marketplace or gift venture to potential investors for funding. A strong emphasis on hands-on experiences reinforces concepts and
skills. The course includes applications to society, people, and the uses of technology. The condition of this course is in coupling with the connection for Teaching Entrepreneurship.

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