Enterprise risk management in Europe

A comparative analysis of the impact of ERM on company performance and shareholder value..
This webinar lets inspiration from the volume Enterprise Risk Management in Europe, published by Emerald (2021). This volume advances understanding of ERM in Europe, providing a novel and unique set of perspective on the ongoing dynamics between ERM and corporate processes. The contributors provide and in-depth analysis of the research benefits for thirteen European countries examined, looking at why, when and how ERM has developed over time. This collected research focuses on practical issues and identifying existing knowledge gaps, offering a fresh comprehension of the cultural and contextual surrounding its inception and further expansion. Also largely discussed is the role played by national and international regulatory and economic circumstances. To the limit of time, this webinar will focuses on five countries, where ERM has developed according to different directions. The speakers are academics, who contributed to write a specific chapter in the above-mentioned volume, apart from a professional, who will provide a view on the best practices. The moderator is the editor of the volume Enterprise Risk Management in Europe, who will show a comparative analysis of ERM across the European countries.
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