Enterprise Risk Management (and the role of ERP as part of ERM)

Enterprise Risk Management, or ERM has become a watchword for any organisation looking to manage their business environment more effectively with a view to achieving the objectives they have set within an ecosystem of uncertainty.

Key to this is the establishment of a well thought out, thoroughly tested and fully integrated internal control structure. However, the complexity of organisations and industries leads to a state of affairs where doing so without the utilisation of technology has become almost impossible. Leveraging the advantages of Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP platforms, with enterprise-wide integration, real-time operations, a common database and a consistent look and feel, as well as Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance or eGRC software packages combining best practice ERM methodologies, combined assurance models, incident management, performance monitoring, and advanced business intelligence, can bring your organisation one step closer to instituting and maintaining a reinforced, armour plated line of defence to protect you against the uncertainties faced.
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