Enterprise Resources: The Commercial Deployment Readiness Team | TCA Minute

At Lenovo we know that deploying large quantities of Windows PCs into an enterprise environment can be challenging. The goal of the Commercial Deployment Readiness Team is to make deployments of our Think products as easy as possible for our commercial customers. This team contributes a number of resources to this mission and looking to them for guidance is a wonderful step in making your deployment simple. This interview Brandon Vires explains a few key offerings of CDRT and ways to engage with them.

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What is TCA Minute?
TCA Minutes aim to teach a little bit about technology with a short clip from Lenovo Technical Client Advisors (TCA) covering a variety of topics. TCAs are a key resource in Lenovo's mission for providing smarter technology to all. Join them as they share more about enterprise solutions, product differentiators, and ways you can enhance your environment.
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