Enterprise Process Governance: Best Practices using the ARIS Platform

How can centralizing process governance and using automation across your enterprise improve your business? Increase process quality, flexibility and traceability by defining policies, roles and responsibilities using ARIS Process Governance. Establish enterprise-wide policies for BPM and automate governance processes using these core capabilities:

Support Wide Range of Governance Processes
• Quickly Support Enterprise Model Approval Procedures (Regulated, Non-Regulated)
• Deliver Automated Release Cycle Management
• Enable Continuous Process Improvements (Versions)
• Full Support for Check In / Check Out, Audit Trail and Reporting

Provide End-to-End Process Control
• Improve Change Management, Change Requests and Project Requests
• Automate Administration Tasks to Ensure Quality, Consistency and Control

For additional information visit https://www.softwareag.com/us/innovation/enterprise_management_system/default.html and http://www.visualeabpm.com/.
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