Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Virtual Meetup - Nov 2021 - Emmanuel Ngubo + Kam Mullan

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Virtual Meetup - November 2021

Emmanuel Ngubo - Aventus network + Kam Mullan - VereNFT

'Aventus Network technology enabling NFT marketplace'

Aventus Network is a customisable layer-2 blockchain network that lets businesses and dapps build on Ethereum at scale to process transactions at 100x the speed and 1% of the cost.
Aventus Network (AvN) platform architecture allows NFT creators to mint NFTs on the AvN mainnet for a fraction of the cost of any other blockchain network while being fully compatible with Ethereum NFTs, and therefore can be moved seamlessly from one blockchain to another.
What’s more, unlike other NFT blockchains, the NFT-Manager pallet on the Aventus Blockchain is designed to support Royalties and is directly built into the Blockchain. This ensures that creators who should receive royalties have a provable claim via an immutable ledger, on their royalties.

Speaker Bio

Emmanuel is a blockchain advocate who understands the monumental value of blockchain technology. He spent 5 years, during his PhD, looking into blockchain use cases for the telecommunications industry and in recent months has been focused on solving real problems across various industries using blockchain technology.
He knows first-hand the overwhelming difficulty of identifying the added value of blockchain technology in existing architectures and currently sits as the Developer Relations Engineer and Pre-sales consultant at Aventus Network.

Kam has 20 years experience as a senior manager in the world of Project
Management and operations including, most recently, the management of a portfolio of creative Augmented Reality technical projects for some of the world's most popular brands and retailers. Throughout his career, Kam has also successfully led Client Services Teams as well as 5 years of Product Management experience delivering SaaS solutions. With a strong background of team leadership and operations, Kam's attention to detail and methodological approach consistently delivers world-class client services.
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