Enterprise Asset Management and BIM

Andy Holt, founder of Azurelope Limited (https://azurelope.com) explains Azurelope’s approach to Enterprise Asset Management and how Azurelope apply this approach for the benefit of their clients.

The implementation of EAM software is one of the biggest trends in digital transformation within engineering.

Clients in regulated industries, nuclear, defence, rail etc…, manage a large portfolio of assets, often across many sites. This often requires an “enterprise” approach to managing all assets throughout the lifecycle.

Azurelope specialise in using BIM within an Enterprise Asset Management (BIM for EAM) context. BIM for Enterprise Asset Management
This involves re-using the artefacts generated from the construction phase as the configuration baseline. This then allows for other lifecycle phases such as operations, maintenance, decommissioning etc. to utilise the information to maximum effect.

The aim of the Azurelope enterprise approach is to provide a standard way of managing assets utilising the latest technology. This enables Azurelope to deliver outstanding levels of insight and reporting across the organisation, whether that be for the benefit of the engineer, the enterprise or the asset manager.

Azurelope use the TOGAF 9 standard to develop the baseline and target architecture and produce a gap analysis to identify a roadmap of improvements.

The most effective way to deliver these improvements is to use intelligent data aggregation tools, like REBIM (https://www.rebim.io), within a service orientated architecture, to integrate relevant data in existing systems as well as implementing new systems.

Using a data model optimises the understanding of the assets and serves as the golden thread throughout the lifecycle of those assets.

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