Ensuring success for All Young People–Development of a new Liverpool Pathway to Employment programme

Ensuring success for All Young People – Development of a new Liverpool Pathway to Employment programme
Dr Katie Spall - Liverpool City Council, Children and Young People’s Service

There is significant evidence that certain groups of Young People are more vulnerable than others and more likely to end up NEET, such as young carers, looked after children and those with SEND, young people who have come from many generations of unemployment.
Currently the more disadvantaged Young People are not getting the opportunities they deserve. They have highlighted the need for more development life skills, access to wider work experience opportunities, skills for work and managing money, better preparation for adulthood, and more educational trips to open up horizons.
The impact of Covid–19 on education, and on employment opportunities has been significant, with the potential to make the current employment and skills problems and inequalities worse.
• 1 in 4 young people are extremely worried about getting a job in the next 12 months.
• Over 50% of young people stated that they are not at all or not very confident about building a professional career in the LCR in the next 12 months.
The new White Paper, “Skills for Jobs Lifelong Learning for Opportunity and Growth” outlines that businesses and the education sector need to develop a shared approach to careers education and to develop career management skills and attributes.
Currently, the majority of businesses primarily engage with schools as part of their corporate social responsibility. This is generally based upon relationships with school leaders and not systematic. The view held by many employers is that business engagement is predominantly impeded by limited accessibility to schools and the time and resource capacity of their business. The view from the employers is that businesses would value greater coordination and facilitation of engagement opportunities. The research also showed that the employability skills of young people leaving school, is an area that needs addressing and further development.
LCC is aiming to address this with ‘A Liverpool Pathway to Work’ which is currently being piloted in 12 schools.
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