Ensuring Business Continuity through Workforce Management Strategies

It is no secret that digital transformation is revolutionizing many industries, and the manufacturing industry is no exception. While Industry 4.0 has helped the industry reinvent its processes through modern technology – it still leaves a large part of the workforce, i.e., the blue-collar /contingent/contractual workforce outside this bracket – with limited to no technology exposure.

Despite investing in the best of breed ERP solutions manufacturers still struggle with having the desired workforce visibility which has a direct impact on:
• First-hour shift productivity loss
• Real-time workforce availability – identifying the right people for the right task
• Sub-optimal alignment of labour to meet demand
• Lack of real-time visibility into overtime and absence
• Compliance risks as a result of improper enforcement of wage and work rules

Due to the lack of appropriate technology HR and the Ops are in a constant struggle to have the right manpower to achieve the desired manufacturing goals. In a world where any information is available in real-time - at the touch of a screen - not even a button anymore – why can’t manufacturers have the same kind of visibility of their workforce?
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