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Indian CMA vs US CMA :-
After completing our 12th or graduation when we finally decide to choose CMA as our next career option, we’re met with a difficult choice. The choice is between choosing US Certified Management Accountant and CMA India. We often tend to wonder which one would be better for our career, and which course would bring us more opportunities, income, and future growth. While this decision may not be an easy one to make, you need to align your career goals with the learning scope. To make this decision even simpler for you, we’ve created a list for you with all the major differentiating factors.

Read on to find out more about the differences between US CMA vs CMA India. But before we step into the career-wise differences between the two courses, here are some of the basic differentiators that will help you understand whether US CMA is a good career option or not.
Certified Management Accounting (US CMA) and Cost and Management Accounting Course (CMA) are both accounting courses but are still quite different from each other. While the Cost and Management Accounting course equips students with concepts that help maximise profits by managing income and expenses in an efficient manner. Certified Management Accounting, On the other hand, enables students to gain strategic financial management skills. Upon completion of this course, the students are able to guide their management team in a better way and handle all the financial decisions for the company they choose to work for.

Can I do CMA if I'm in my first year?
Any non-graduate (as long as they have cleared 12th grade) can go for the US CMA course.
The CMA course, be it the US-based course or the Indian one, opens up a range of opportunities for students and existing accounting professionals who want to advance their careers. The demand for qualified CMA exists not only in the private sector, but also in the government, banking and finance, education, and research sectors, developmental agencies, services, as well as the public utility sector.

Where are the US CMA exams held?
The exams are held in 8 Prometric centres across India. The exams are closely proctored, with candidates not being allowed to carry any items not necessary for the exam to the centre. The exams are held in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, Chennai, Hyderabad, New Delhi & Trivandrum.

How does the CMA exam scheduling work?
The candidate needs to be an IMA member (different types of membership and pricings explained in the pricing tab), pay the exam application fee - which is valid for a period of 3 years within which the candidate needs to complete the exam (in case they fail to clear the exam, they would have to repay this fee and they get 3 more years) and then book the exam and pay the exam fee 4-5 weeks prior to the date they want to appear for the exam.
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