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Types of hotel rooms
Cabana : A room next to the pool area, that is served with or without
Sleeping facilities
Double : A room with a double size or queen size bed that may
accommodate two guests
King : A room that is served with king size bed or sometimes by
combining two mattresses of twin bed into one
Single : A room that is designed to accommodate one person
Studio : A room with the facilities of a sitting area that has one or two
sofas near the bed


Suite : A combination of two or more than one room into one with
sitting area and sometimes the bar
Twin : A room with two single beds
Duplex : A suite room that is separated and connected with stairs
Family : A room with two beds double/queen size that may
accommodate two, three or even four people
Efficiency : An accommodation that serves the kitchen facility on it
(Negi, 2014)
Several methods in determining hotel tariff
Guess work approach:
The hotel room rates are set based on the neighboring hotels and follow
inflation. This method is not suggested for the new hotel because it needs
more consideration. There are many hotels that use this method.
Operating cost approach:
This approach calculates the room rates based spending of the operating
Based on the square footage:
− Calculate the total area of bedrooms
− Count the size of every bedroom
− Predict the amount to produce from every room to cover the spending
Daily rate for the individual functional area:
By using certain mathematic formulas to get the rates
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