Energy Storage technology: designed for flexible power management.

In collaboration with the Norwegian utility company BKK, Eaton has designed a transportable version of its xStorage Container technology that the construction industry can use repeatedly for flexible power management, simply by moving it between sites. In research testing, the unit will power electric cranes on a construction site in Bergen, using low-cost, off-peak electricity to reduce pressure on the grid during peak day-time hours. The traditional approach to providing power to construction sites comprises a mix of extra permanent cable to the grid, over-dimensioned supply, and using diesel-powered equipment, which obviously has a very high carbon footprint. Eaton’s transportable container design will save the time, cost and materials involved in establishing extra permanent cable, which often becomes redundant because the construction process uses more power than the completed building needs, and there is no need to over-dimension supply. Additional Benefits: reduction in noise pollution because electrical construction equipment is quieter than diesel equipment, and zero particulate emission due to the absence of fossil fuels.
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