Enabling GDPR compliance through APIs with Mehdi Medjaoui | Coding Over Cocktails Podcast

What exactly does GDPR mean for businesses and API developers? In this episode, we talk about the important concepts on GDPR and how APIs can help organisations with compliance. We are joined by the APIDays Conference founder and ALIAS co-founder Mehdi Medjaoui, who also discusses the API-as-a-product mindset and some of the most popular API styles today.


• Mehdi Medjaoui tells us a bit about his role as Chairman of the APIDays Conferences, how it was founded and how it continued to thrive during the pandemic.
• What is GDPR and how will this affect individuals and organisations collecting data?
• Medjaoui gives a briefer on ALIAS' “PII Storage Duration API”, the “Alias GDPR Events API” and a sneak peek of their "Data Processor API."
• What are some of the key updates from the first edition of "Continuous API Management" that compelled him to come out with a brand new second edition?
• Why is it important for companies and IT teams to realise the "API-as-a-product" perspective in their API strategy?
• We have a quick rundown of the five API styles.

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