Empower your organization to build more solutions with Power Platform | OD161

The new era for business requires every organization to find faster ways to deliver results, simpler ways of working, and to reduce costs. Therefore, demand for developers has never been higher, IT departments are backlogged, and the innovations of the future are stuck in that backlog. Microsoft developed the Power Platform to empower problem solvers to build those backlogged solutions, from simple applications to return to workplace processes. Join this session to understand the 5 technologies that comprise the Power Platform and how to use those tools for a range of solutions.

Additional Resource:
Contact sales -- https://info.microsoft.com/contact-us-multi-product-in-person-devices-en.html?LCID=EN-US&ls=290778-contactme-formfill
Get more detailed content on this topic with a custom Microsoft Learn collection -- https://aka.ms/BRK233Collection?wt.mc_id=ignite21fall_collections_webpage_esc

Recommended Next Step:
Attend the live post-Ignite Ask the Expert Session -- https://docs.microsoft.com/events/post-ignite-nov-2021/ask-the-experts/?WT.mc_id=ATE-47867-memckenn

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