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One of the most complex jobs of HR departments is a company's functioning and operation management. Accurate planning is needed for employee shift management in an organization. It is essential to plan shift operations according to the regular working of employees in a firm. Sometimes, managing resources for company operations for the HR department is challenging. By imparting an Odoo ERP, we can quickly address the different functioning and needs of a company. Odoo 15 Planning module assists in configuring regularized operations efficiently.

This video emphasizes employee shift management in the Odoo 15 Planning module.

We can run shift management of employees in a firm through accurate planning. Users can manage operation schedules and employee shift management using Odoo 15 Planning module. It is easy to forecast projects, assign tasks and create shifts quickly.

Video Content
00:00 Introduction
00:44 Set a new company
01:34 Role
03:11 Create shift template
04:39 Generate Shift Planning for an Employee
06:06 Enable allow unassignment
07:58 Planning Analysis

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