Employee Self Service & Maintenance Management Using Odoo 15 Employee Module

Every organization ensures to maintain proper tasks for the employees. Self-management of employees is vital in the everyday routine of a company. Employees can connect with clients, coworkers, and managers with their developed skills. #odoofunctionalvideo

With the help of an ERP, employees can make the right decisions for work planning. You can quickly handle all employee operations using the support of the Odoo 15 Employees module. #odoo15

Users can supervise employees' work hours, productivity, and job records using the Odoo 15 Employees module. #odootraining

This video gives an insight into employee self-service and maintenance with the help of Odoo 15.

Video Chapters
00:00 Introduction
01:10 Create New Employee
02:06 Add Related User
02:48 Assign Attendance Pincode
04:13 Log in as Created User
04:32 Attendance - Kiosk
05:44 Submission of Employee Expense
07:58 Employee Time Off Request
09:46 Employee Time Sheet
11:53 Login Back as Mitchell Admin

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