Emi Yoshikawa at TiE Blockchain + AI Summit 2021 | Panel Discussion: Beyond Fintech

October 14, 2021

How is blockchain creating pivotal transformation in fintech and how can digital assets disrupt the status quo? Will all major currencies soon be digital – digital Dollar, digital Euro, etc.? Can decentralized finance (DeFi) democratize access to capital?

This panel of global experts and practitioners will discuss these important trends plus look at the technology’s strategic implications and imperatives that can unlock tremendous value for enterprises, governments, and humanity. They will also put these topics into their real-world context by discussing which policies and regulations will either streamline or limit adoption.

Emi Yoshikawa, VP, Corporate Strategy and Operations Ripple
Robert Levin, CEO, Emerging Star Capital
Dr. Agata Ferreira, Expert Panel, EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum
Dr. Amber Ghaddar, CIO, Alliance Block

Moderated by:
Katie K Richards, CEO, Cyber Capital, Moderator
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