Emerging Roles in Data and Artificial Intelligence

As AI changes the world, new roles besides developer roles are emerging to tackle the new challenges. One of these is the role of the data translator, an analytical lead that can bridge the gap between the technical lead. In this episode, we’ll talk about this and other opportunities for AI professionals who are wondering how AI is going to change their futures.

I invited Christina Stathopoulos is a data analytics expert, public speaker, and educator. She worked as an analytical lead for Waze at Google where she led analytical studies and strategy in partnership with some of their largest advertisers.

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00:00: Introducing Christina Stathopoulos
00:55: Career change from Waze to entrepreneurship.
02:33: Leaving Google and starting her own company
06:42: Opportunities in AI and the importance of data quality
15:00: The Role of a Data Translator
16:04: Technical Skills vs. Non-Technical Skills
20:39: Prompt Engineering and the Future of AI
24:23: NVidia preventing chatbot hallucination
26:47: Speculating on Apple's AI announcement
30:07: Importance of AI literacy and data literacy
34:33: Shipping got faster, data science will too.
39:50: Future of developers in the AI era
40:28: Impact of AI on jobs and opportunities
43:55: Ethical considerations for businesses and job displacement
51:40: AI regulation should be global priority
54:28: AI regulation and technology opportunities
56:48: Personal AI tools and staying up to date
01:02:26: Next Episode
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