Emergencies Act inquiry: Ex-Ottawa police chief testifies he didn't foresee size of protest | FULL

Former Ottawa police chief Peter Sloly testified Friday at the public inquiry into the federal government’s use of the Emergencies Act to clear “Freedom Convoy” protesters.

Sloly told the inquiry that police intelligence didn't foresee the size or scope of the convoy protests.

"I do not recall, and to this day, even with the benefit of hindsight, I did not have any clear impression or saw any clear conclusions that we were going to have anything more than what I was being briefed on by my team. This was going to be a Thursday, Friday, mainly Saturday, Sunday with the potential of a smaller group to remain behind, but in numbers that we had managed previously," Sloly told the inquiry.

Sloly resigned the day after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the legislation would be triggered in February.

He resigned his post amid widespread criticism of the force’s handling of the protests, which clogged streets around Parliament Hill for three weeks, and as pressure mounted to remove the heavy trucks.

Sloly told the Public Order Emergency Commission he was faced with turmoil within police ranks, the police services board and city council.

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